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A Silly Collection Of Cats Who Completely Forgot How To Cat

by Cattitude Daily

Cats will be cats...or will they? I love cats for the typical feline things that they do, but there are times when our kitties will act particularly out of the ordinary. Like when they love things that dogs typically love, for example, or are completely unphased by the things that the average cat would jump out of their skin over. Do you have a cat that’s completely forgotten how to cat? My tuxedo cat, Pepper, is this way, but I adore him nonetheless. Want to see a fun and silly collection of cats who forgot how to cat? Just keep scrolling. And if you’ve got a cat of your own that’s forgotten the typical feline behavior, share their photo with me—I’d love to see it!

Here’s a Silly Collection of Cats Who Forgot How to Cat… Enjoy 😉

Umm…a little help?

Not sure what this cat was trying to achieve here—but it’s quite entertaining!

Cat or bat?

Oh dear…

cats who forgot how to cat

Pepper enjoying his daily car ride around the block. He literally hops right in my car and meows till I take him. Since when did cats enjoy car rides?!

I guess this is comfortable?

There’s a lot going on right here…

Bless you??

Pepper is seriously more dog than cat…

There are probably more cat-like ways to use the cat tree…

This is one heck of a cat nap!

I think this kitty may have forgotten how gravity works.

This cat is quite good at getting his human on…

cats who forgot how to cat

I really think there’s a much easier way to get fresh water…

cats who forgot how to cat

The tongue usually goes IN the mouth…

Can you imagine sitting there watching TV and this walks in…

This cat has some serious moves.

I want whatever this cat is on.

These two are just plain silly!

I wonder what is so funny?!

Greg, this thing is staring at me.

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