Awesome Cats Who Are Basically Tiny Ninjas

Of course cats are individuals, but many of our feline friends are quite stealthy. They have incredible reflexes, and their ability to move so lightly on their feet often makes them go unseen and unheard. Not all cats are this ninja-like, because as we know there are definitely some goofy cats out there who forgot how to cat. But for our little ninja cats, they impress us immensely for their ability to move so gracefully with precision. Do you have one of these sneaky ninja cats in your life? If so, then you might really enjoy looking at these photos of cats getting their ninja on. 😏

Enjoy this collection of badass cats who are basically tiny ninjas. And if you have a cat getting their ninja on, don’t forget to share an image with me! I’d love to see it.

I will watch the humans closely, until they catch me watching…

Gravity is no match for this ninja cat.

The humans will never suspect a thing!

When you spend ten minutes just looking for your black ninja cat…

cats who are ninjas

Bunk bed? No, this is my feline ninja lair.

10/10 would recommend this cat as a bodyguard.

Ninja Cat from r/FunnyAnimals

Kitten ninjas, oh so sneaky…

Oh, yeah, kid!

So agile!

Ninja cat from r/cats

The hair tie is mine!

This is a next level camouflage ninja cat right here.

Wait, where’d the cat go?

This expression is priceless.

Can you imagine walking past someone’s house and seeing this!?

cats who are basically ninjas

Watching. Waiting…

ninja cats

Ginger cat Ninjutsu supreme.
cat by Yoshiyuki Abe on

Careful not to have a heart attack when unpacking that box…

Watch closely, grasshopper. I shall show you the ways of feline ninja!

Want to see some epic pics of cats appearing as if they’re in ninja battle mode? There’s a photographer out of Japan named Hisakata Hiroyuki who is a master at capturing ninja cats in motion. Check out some of his cool images below…

The expression he captured on this cat is the best!

This battle will be legendary!

I cannot look at this cat without saying “hi-yah!” in my brain…

Want to see some more of Hisakata’s cool cat ninja images? Check him out on Instagram here!

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