A Guide to the Veterinary Care Needed by Your Cat

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Your cat may protest, but it’s crucial to make those regular trips to the veterinarian. A survey on US resident cat owners highlights that 91% of responsible pet parents seek the services of veterinarians for their furry loved ones. While many cat owners seek the help of veterinarians, less than half of these parents bring their cats for preventative health check-ups and routine veterinary care.

While the cost may be a big hindrance to these routine vet visits, it’s crucial for cat owners to be responsible when caring for their pets. So if you want to live a long and happy life with your cat, here’s what you need to know about cat veterinary care:

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The Cost of Cat Care

Cats need a lot of TLC, so you need to budget for your furry loved ones once they become a part of your family. The cost of responsible cat ownership is quite high since The Spruce Pets states that annual veterinary examinations can run from $100 to $200. Aside from that, you’d have to budget for spay or neutering procedures, which would cost around $50-$300. Core vaccinations are also recommended for your pets, and this can cost you $80 for the complete first-year series alone.

Love can definitely be expensive, especially if you want to spend many years with your furry friend. While it’s difficult to pay out of pocket for veterinary bills, A guide to what pet insurance covers by Sound Dollar, outlines that it can help you cover medical expenses like treatments, laboratory testing, and surgery. You can even get a lower monthly premium, depending on the breed and the age of your pet. Through proper financial management, you can avail of veterinary procedures that are essential for your furry loved one.

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Common Veterinary Procedures and Their Importance

Routine Check-ups

Your cat may glare at you on your way to the veterinarian, but these routine check-ups are crucial since cats can easily conceal their illnesses. Our article on the ‘Illnesses That Cats Often Hide’ states that dental diseases, kidney conditions, thyroid illnesses, and pain often go undetected by cat owners. In fact, these can even go undetected for years, unless a veterinarian runs tests on a regular basis.

Dental Care

You’re not the only one who needs to care for their pearly whites! Dental diseases can cause infections and pain, which is why it’s crucial for your veterinarian to do routine dental cleaning on your cat. Wag N’ Wash Woodmen even offers teeth brushing as a walk-in service to improve the dental health of pets. Your veterinarian can even recommend dental products so that you can keep dental diseases at bay in a cost-effective manner.


These shots are preventive medicines for your cats, which is why it’s important to get the vaccines that are recommended in your local area. To illustrate, they may give routine vaccinations to protect your cat against rabies, feline leukemia virus, and infectious illnesses.

Parasite Control

Even if your cat stays indoors, they can still be susceptible to internal and external parasites. Your cats will be tested for any potential infections to control these parasites. The veterinarian will also give them treatments to eliminate these dangerous parasites.

Veterinary check-ups require a lot of time (and money). However, your cat will thank you for many years, especially if you give them the care that they deserve.

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