Why You Should Always Register Your Cat With A Vet

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Every cat needs to visit the vet regularly, even if they are fit and healthy. After all, it's our duty as dedicated cat moms and dads to ensure our cats live a long and healthy nine lives. Most pets need vaccinations regularly to stay safe, and cats are naturally very good at hiding signs of illness as a way to protect themselves. Because of this, signing up with a veterinary practice and attending regular appointments is the best way to keep your pet safe. cat at vet

Access to appointments when you need them

Vets are busy places, with staff working long days to fit in as many appointments as possible and treat as many animals as possible. Although by law veterinary practices are required to provide emergency care, anything not classed as an emergency does not need to be provided. This means that if your pet is not registered at a vet practice already you’ll not be able to have your cat seen unless it is an emergency. Emergency care can be expensive, so as well as registering with a veterinary practice you should make sure to get pet insurance from Petsure to protect you and your pet from any unexpected health problems and the associated costs, ensuring your cat can always have access to the high levels of professional care they deserve. dental care tips for cats

Visiting the same vet every time is good for your pet

It is well known that most pets hate nothing more than a trip to the vet. However, if you are registered with a vet you’ll be able to take them along for checkups when they are feeling well as well as when they are unwell. This will mean that they grow accustomed to the experience of visiting the vet and make them feel more relaxed. They may also get to know the vets who work there and grow to become more comfortable with them over time. As a result, future visits to the vet will be much more manageable and less likely to cause your pet (or you!) unnecessary stress. On a similar note, the staff at the veterinary clinic will get to know your pet better over time. This is helpful to identify any potential health problems, as staff will have better background knowledge of what is normal for your cat and be able to identify any abnormal changes. This will help your pet not only receive better, more personalized treatment, but also help reception staff to understand how urgently each case needs to be seen, and arrange appointments accordingly. Additionally, regular checkups even when your pet is not showing signs of being unwell is important to maintain good health throughout an animal’s life. Certain breeds of pets are more likely to develop particular diseases or health conditions, so regular checkups can be helpful for veterinary professionals to spot signs of these conditions early and arrange appropriate treatment to give your pet the best care possible.

Registering with a vet helps you to stay organized

Registering with a vet is a great way to help keep on top of the organization of your cat’s healthcare. Missing dates in vaccine courses can mean having to restart the course, which means extra stress for you and your cat plus extra money for you. Most of the time when you are registered with a vet they will send you appointment reminders and possibly even updates on any new laws or services they are offering, helping you to stay a responsible pet owner. Regular trips to the vet are the best way to keep your cat safe and healthy, so sign up to a vet and give your cat the best chance at a long and healthy life that you can. Keep up to date with appointments and help your cat to feel more comfortable with vet trips to keep them safe and healthy.

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