Why Is My Cat Shedding So Much?

Does your cat shed? Of course, they do! Shedding hair is just as natural for our cats as it is for us and other animals. However, sometimes a cat can shed more than normal. If you are finding yourself vacuuming cat hair more frequently, you may want to know why your cat is shedding so much. Read on for the answers.

Warmer Weather

Warmer weather cause dogs, horses, and cats to shed. This is perfectly normal. You may find your cat shedding more in the spring as they shed out their winter coat, especially if they spend any time outdoors. No worries here, this will change as the seasons do.


Stress can have many effects on the body. For cats, increased stress can cause panting, vocalizing, and more shedding. Have you ever noticed that when you take your cat to the veterinarian’s office that the exam table is covered in hair by the end of the appointment? That’s because the visit was stressful for your cat. Cats are characters that like their routine. Any disruptions to their routines can cause stress, and in turn, more shedding.

why is my cat shedding so much


Cats can have allergies too and it can cause a cat to shed more hair. Allergies in cats usually involve skin health which includes their hair coat. However, allergies cause more of a problem called alopecia, or hair loss versus true shedding. Very itchy skin is also a symptom. If you find your cat with these symptoms, call your veterinarian’s office to discuss treatment for allergies.

Poor Diet

If we have a healthy diet, it reflects in our skin, hair, and nails. The same goes for your cat. A healthy diet can be seen in their hair coat as shine, softness, and thickness. However, if your cat is on a poor diet, their fur may appear dull, have a more rough texture and they may shed more than usual. If you are concerned about what brands of cat food you should feed your cat, consult with your veterinarian first. You may be surprised at what brands are not as nutritional as they appear in commercials.

How to help

If you are finding that your cat is shedding more often, you can help by finding the reason behind the increased shedding. Has something changed in the house? Is your cat itchy? What food are you feeding them? Once you have found the problem, you and your cat are headed in the right direction to solve the problem. Before changing anything, be sure to speak with your veterinarian. They can give proper insight on how to help.

why is my cat shedding so much

Brushing your cat often can also help with shedding. Finding a nice brush that isn’t painful, but takes away the loose hair will soon become you and your cat’s best friend. Ideally, brushing daily will help bring out your cat’s beautiful coat that you’ve been missing. And, even though they may be resentful for an hour or two, a bath can also help.

Does your cat shed too much? What do you do to help?
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