What Do Cats Think Of Humans?

what do cats think of humans

Our cats are many things to us. Companions, fluffy therapists, the list continues. We are clear on our feelings and thoughts of them, but how do they feel about us? There have been theories that suggest our feline friends just see us as bigger, clumsier cats, but the truth is, our cats see us in unique and special ways. Here I’ll share with you some expert insights that will allow you to see the interesting ways your cat views you in their life.

what do cats think about humans?

Our cats might treat us like other cats at times because that’s the way their minds work

Years of close observation and study on the feline ways have led experts to firmly believe that cats do not see us in the same way that dogs do. While canines look to their humans for approval and praise, your cat doesn’t share that mindset.
John Bradshaw, feline behavior expert and author of the book Cat Sense shares that, There’s been a lot of research with dogs and how dogs interact with people. [It’s] become very clear that dogs perceive us as being different than themselves: As soon as they see a human, they change their behavior. The way a dog plays with a human is completely different from [the way it plays] with a dog. We’ve yet to discover anything about cat behavior that suggests they have a separate box they put us in when they’re socializing with us. They obviously know we’re bigger than them, but they don’t seem to have adapted their social behavior much. Putting their tails up in the air, rubbing around our legs, and sitting beside us and grooming us are exactly what cats do to each other.”

Despite the common misconceptions, cats are social beings who crave affection and attention from humans

Perhaps the cat haters of the world are the ones who placed this silly idea in people’s heads that cats are loners who prefer solitude. While it’s true that there are many cats out there that simply hate other cats, the truth is, that most cats actually like humans! Why is that? Well, because humans typically give in to their many demands and treat them with kindness! Cats are territorial beings, and while some humans can be that way as well, humans are not going to get into a turf battle with cats.

Communication between cats is particular. Your cat is smart enough to know that you communicate in different ways than they do. And those meows? Those are reserved for communicating directly with humans—something they learn to master from a very young age. The cat’s brain is complex and impressive, and they use their senses matched with their wits to take inventory and base judgments on the world around them. To your cat, you are their caregiver, a living being offering comfort, and their loyal friend. You leave their home and return each day, showing them that they can rely on you to keep them safe, fed, and loved.

Socialization as kittens can shape the way your cat sees you

For many of us, we will never know what our cat’s life was like before we entered it. Cats who have lived a life of abuse or neglect can learn to overcome these hardships they’ve been dealt, but sometimes, their heart is hardened and their mind can’t let go of their past grievances. Kittens who have been properly socialized will have a better chance of forming close bonds with the humans that they share their lives with. But this is not to say that any cat, whether domesticated or feral doesn’t have the opportunity to learn that not all humans are bad people.

We’ve heard of countless heartwarming stories of patient people doing everything they can to earn the trust of a feral cat, and the results always make us feel good inside. Cats form strong attachments to the people and pets in their homes, including animals of other species. We know that the love of a cat is earned, and not given. This can be said of their affection, too. Cats who have formed strong bonds with the humans in their homes will choose to be near them whenever the opportunity presents itself. Cats do miss their humans while they are away, and while their concept of time is not the same as ours, they can sense when you’ve been away longer than usual.

what do cats think of humans?

Cats can feel love towards humans

Many cat owners have often asked themselves if their cat loves them. It’s hard not to question yourself this to yourself when you know the love you have for your cat is palpable. As I mentioned above in the room-sharing scenario, our cats care for us and show their thoughts by being present whenever possible. (You know, except when they’re off taking a snooze and don’t want to be disturbed.) Your cat wants you to know that you matter to them, and they think very highly of you. Some of this is because they know they can rely on you for their next meal or butt scratch, but there’s more to it than that.

Cats are highly opinionated and calculated, they’re not a dog that’s just going to leisurely look at anyone in hopes of praise or attention. Although some cats are outwardly social and haven’t met a stranger, the average house cat is more on the reserved side. This is because cats are nonconfrontational and guarded by nature.

One thing that cats do that humans often wonder about is known as allogrooming. This is why cats groom other cats in their homes. Your cat knows that you are not a cat, but sometimes, they might want to lick your skin or your hair as a way of showing you love. You should know that cats don’t do this by accident. This is with loving intent to show that they see you as one of their equals. Consider yourself special in the eyes of your cat!

Your cat’s brain is impressive and powerful, especially when compared to their size. Check out this next article on Cattitude Daily to discover just how smart your cat truly is—the answer might just surprise you!

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