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Super-Sized Maine Coon Cats That Will Make Your Kitty Look Tiny

by Cattitude Daily

I think it pretty much goes without saying that Maine Coons are big damn cats. But with these felines, there is simply more to love. Even if they look somewhat intimidating due to their size, anyone that knows a Maine Coon knows that these kitties have nothing but love to give. But have you ever seen one of this big beauties standing, laying, or sitting next to an ordinary sized cat? If not, you should, because you never realize how big these cats are until you see one next to an average cat.

Check out this fun gallery of super-sized Maine Coons doing what they do best: looking large and in charge. Enjoy!

super size maine coon cats

super size maine coon cats


These cats even make dogs look smaller!

super size maine coon cats

Forget jumping on the counter, this cat can reach the counter!

Check out Samson, the biggest coon cat in NYC…those paws!

Here’s my Maine Coon mix, Mr. Purple. Not purebred, but definitely not your average-sized kitty!

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Are you a lover of Maine Coon cats? Check out this video here from the Cattitude Daily YouTube channel where I tell you fun and interesting facts about these loveable and large cats….enjoy!

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