Vivo The Maine Coon Is Like No Cat You’ve Ever Seen


I think all cats are gorgeous, but I must say, there is something about Maine Coons and their majestic fluff that make them strikingly beautiful. For Vivo the Maine Coon, his luxurious two-toned "black smoke" coat, glowing golden eyes, and super-sized body structure make him look as if he is part lion or wolf! And one thing is for certain when it comes to Vivo, this is a cat who knows he's all that and a bag of catnip. I mean, just look at these mesmerizing images! Vivo the maine coon Vivo's human, Robert Sijka, also happens to be a photographer. He knew his Maine Coon cat was handsome, but realized just how much he was once Vivo's images quickly started going viral. On his website, Robert shares his expertise on capturing his most purrfect subjects—Maine Coon cats! I love photography and cats, I do my best to combine both those things as good as possible. My journey with cats photography began few years ago when my wife started to breed Maine Coons. Being around the cats and photographing them gives me a lot of joy. Vivo the maine coon I spent a lot of time perfecting my skills in capturing the beauty of cats. My goal is to show different expressions and emotions flowing from the cat's eyes. I prefer to use a simple background and light setting which complements the cat, nothing else. In my photographs I follow Albert Einstein's maxim: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler"

A purrfect pairing that creates stunning Maine Coon images…

Robert tells that his love of photography and the majestic look and wonderful personality of the Maine Coon was a purrfect pairing. After the very first litter of kittens was born, Robert wanted to share his images with the world to showcase this gorgeous cat breed: “I think my journey with photography started at this moment… I decided that my pictures must be something special, just like Maine Coons are special. After several thousands of photos, I ended up with my current style and great pleasure from working with these amazing animals.” And while Vivo remains one of his dad's purrferred subjects, there are countless images of Maine Coon cats that he's shared with the world that you'll love, too! Check out a few more below…

Just look at this tabby Maine Coon, what a looker!

How precious is this?!?

Looks like someone is ready to take over the crown as the next ruler of the majestic Maine Coon cats!

Can't get enough of Vivo? Follow him on Instagram @MCO_ViVo to fill your feed with photos of this gorgeous cat who loves posing for the camera!

All Images Courtesy Of Felis Gallery by Robert Sijka

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