Sick Black Kitten Gets Rescued And Blossoms Into A House Panther

Sometimes in life, the most special cats of all show up when we least expect it. More so, these cats can show up out of nowhere and we tell ourselves that we will only keep them for a short while, just enough time to help them on the way to getting back on their feet. Cats have a way of instantly imprinting pawprints on our hearts, and when this happens, it’s too difficult to part ways with these pleasantly unexpected kitty cats. One beautiful panther-esque feline named Obsidian, is living proof of this!

How did Sid come into your life?

We used to own a coffee shop and one of our patrons was walking in and heard a meowing in a bush outside the shop, she pulled him out of the bush and brought him in. I told them I would take it and contact the local cat rescue team but he was such a sweetie and was purring so loudly I brought him home with me. He had a stick stuck in his head, all claws broken, cut up lips and respiratory and eye infections. I took him to the vet the next day and started him on the road to the healthy and happy kitty he is today.

How did Sid get his name?

Sid got his name as he was totally black. His full name is Obsidian, but we call him Sid for short or Squeaker as he doesn’t really meow he squeaks. It is super cute.

How does Sid feel about hitting the road with you?

My husband and I are very much Nomads, we love to travel, and have a few small homes we travel to.  Sid and our other kitty, Zia, and our GSD, Gemini travel with us. We have an RV and used to have a houseboat on Kentucky Lake (Sid really liked the boat, so many birds lol). 

I tried traveling without the animals, but I was miserable after a day or 2 as no one takes care of them like we do and they love attention, so we have made accommodations for them. They even have a collapsible Catio so they can go outside wherever we are to enjoy their outdoor surroundings.

How would you describe his personality?

Sid is a very curious kitty and extremely affectionate. Sid will just walk in a room and flop down on the ground and roll around to show off, he usually gets tummy rubs for that 😊.  I work virtually, so he loves to sit on my desk, will sometimes watch me type emails which I find totally hilarious that he is that observant, and then of course flops down on my keyboard if he is not getting the attention he believes is warranted.  Sid also wakes me up every morning by patting my face with his paw, serious every morning.  He also was so curious about my glasses when we first got him, when I took them off he would come right up to my eye and smell it like what is that as it was usually blocked by the glasses, strangest thing lol.

What are some of Sid’s favorite hobbies?

Sid loves to play chase with his buddy Zia and when I try and make the bed, well that is his favorite time to play the game hide and seek so I have to abandon after for a while and go back when he is not around to complete the task. Oh, and something crazy, when I go into the bathroom he does sometimes too, I swear I have never seen anything like it. Now not always but at least once a day, weird lol.

What’s something special you’d like for people to know about Sid?

I think Sid like other rescues is a survivor, he is a tough cookie, he has no desire to be outside “been there done that” unlike my other kitty.  Sid is very happy inside lounging, playing, and eating. Last, Sid’s coat is like black silk, shiny always, he is the epitome of a Black Panther. Sid is sleek and he moves around the house like a panther you see walking through the jungle. He is truly an amazing kitty and we love him soooo much, can’t imagine not having in the family. We are so excited to have Sid recognized like this, he’s truly a cool ass cat!

I want to give a special “thank you” to Jacinda and Raven for allowing me to share Sid’s story with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. Not all cats are able to be nursed back to health and find their happy ending, and I’m truly glad Sid got the happily ever after he deserved for the rest of his nine lives.

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