Oré Random Cats Ceramic Cat Bowl — Not a Random Choice

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    The Oré Random Cats Ceramic Cat Bowl
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Key Points

  • Ceramic bowls are easier to clean and less likely to harbor bacteria than plastic ones.

  • The Oré Random Cat Bowl's design is whimsical and cute, with accessories to match.

  • The heavy ceramic design helps keep your cat's bowl in place and prevents spills.

The Oré Random Cats Ceramic Cat Bowl isn't like any other random bowl. It simply has random cat faces on it. It's cute, practical, and has benefits over other bowls.

Choosing a cat bowl may seem like a simple decision. You need a simple receptacle to hold your cat's food or water. It's not as cut-and-dry as it seems. Choosing the right bowl requires some thought about the materials used, the depth, and your cat's preferences. You might choose to use an automatic feeder, but for a cat that tends to overeat, portioning out their food in a bowl is a healthier decision.

This product review breaks down every component of this unique bowl, and by the end, you have all the information you need to make a decision about whether this is the perfect bowl for your cat.

Pet Bowl | Random Cats

by  Ore' Originals

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
The Oré Random Cats Ceramic Cat Bowl

The high-quality glazed ceramic ensures durability and longevity, retaining its glossy finish even after continuous use and cleaning. The non-slip base and heavy ceramic material provide stability during mealtimes, preventing any tipping over or the creation of a mess. The dish's perfect size and depth make it very comfortable for cats to dine from, preventing discomfort.

The bowl is dishwasher-safe, making cleaning a quick and easy task, promoting a healthier feeding environment for your pet. The product's attractive black-and-white cat pattern design adds a dash of aesthetic appeal to your pet's feeding area, making this bowl as visually pleasing as it is functional.

Who Should Have the Oré Random Cat Ceramic Cat Bowl and Why

The Oré Random Cats Ceramic Cat Bowl keeps both cat owners and their pets in mind. It's ideal for those who put durability and design at the top of their list when it comes to pet care products.

This bowl caters to a cat's feeding habits due to its proper depth and size, which prevents discomfort while eating. You may have heard of "whisker fatigue," which is not a scientifically proven condition, but many vets and cat owners see evidence of it.

It's a condition that some cats experience when their whiskers become stimulated repeatedly, and their senses become overloaded. They avoid situations where their whiskers are constantly stimulated. This includes bowls with high sides. When your cat eats their food, their whiskers come in contact with the sides of the bowl each time they go to take a bite. It may even get to the point that your cat eats less and loses weight.

The Oré bowl has low sides and a shallow depth to prevent this phenomenon and create a more pleasant dining experience. It's not only enjoyable for cats, but the design puts a smile on their owner's face. The inside of the bowl features cute drawings of several cats with various facial expressions.

Who should buy the Oré Random Cats Ceramic Cat Bowl? Any cat owner who loves their pet.

Pros and Cons

Here's a breakdown of why the Oré Random Cats Ceramic Cat Bowl truly excels. Firstly, the choice of high-quality glazed ceramic is crucial. This material contributes to the bowl's durability, longevity, and ease of cleaning it.

Unlike many bowls that deteriorate with time, the Oré bowl retains its glossy finish even after continuous use and cleaning. In fact, its dishwasher-safe feature is a blessing for those who prefer hassle-free and thorough cleaning methods.

However, a dishwasher may remove the decorative etching inside the bowl. Handwashing is recommended to prevent this deterioration. This isn't much of a hassle, though, as ceramic wipes clean much more easily. Let it soak in water for a few minutes and see how easily the stuck-on food wipes away.

Another aspect that sets the Oré bowl apart is how well it accommodates the needs of cats. Wondering how this works? It's down to two things: a non-slip base that prevents any tipping over or mess and the perfect size and depth, making it comfortable for your pet to dine from.

The attractive pattern is a definite drawing point as well. If you prefer something other than the whimsical, random cats, it's also available with other designs, including a large cat face or a modern-looking cat silhouette. This bowl is as much a visual treat as it is functional, adding a dash of aesthetic appeal to your pet's feeding area.

On the flip side, there are a few drawbacks to consider. This product falls slightly on the pricier side compared to plastic bowls, which might be a constraint for those on a tight budget. Having said that, it's less expensive than other ceramic bowls you find on Amazon, even with the addition of a shipping fee.

Given its long-lasting quality and the unique benefits offered, it's a worthwhile investment. Even though it’s heavier than plastic alternatives, this actually works as a benefit as it prevents the bowl from tipping over.

Customers and their cats love these bowls, as you can see from these reviews.

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What To Look For in a Cat Bowl

When it comes to choosing any practical cat bowl, the first thing you should look at is the quality of the material. The bowl needs to be strong, long-lasting, and durable, capable of withstanding regular cleanings and usage. Materials like high-quality ceramics or stainless steel are excellent in this regard.

The Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in the United Kingdom is the second oldest animal welfare organization in the world. They have recommendations for choosing the best pet bowl for healthy eating habits:

"Ceramic pet bowls are a great choice if you want to combine style with function. Ceramic pet bowls are heavier than metal or plastic bowls, so your dog or cat can’t knock or push them around so easily, and they also keep food and water cooler for longer on hot days. The protective glaze means they are very easy to keep clean, especially if the bowl is dishwasher safe, so they are hygienic too."

Ceramic also has a smooth surface that prevents bacteria from infiltrating scratches and cracks that occur in plastic bowls. These bacteria can cause sickness in your cat. The Oré Random Cats Ceramic Cat Bowl checks all the boxes.

Another critical factor to bear in mind is the bowl's depth and size. Your cat must be comfortable eating out of it. If it's too shallow, your cat pushes the food off the side, making a mess. Too deep a bowl can cause your cat to struggle while eating, and no one wants that.

Equally as important is the ease of cleaning the product. Bowls that can be safely put through the dishwasher are a real bonus as this not only saves time but ensures the bowl is thoroughly clean, keeping your cat healthy. However, some plastic bowls may melt in the dishwasher, so read the manufacturer's instructions on cleaning.

Lastly, consider your cat's preference, as their comfort is crucial. For whatever reason, some cats prefer certain materials above others. They may not like the sound the kibble makes when sliding across the metal, or the smell of a plastic bowl may cause them to turn their nose up in disgust. Observe your cat's behavior during mealtimes to determine their preferences.

While perhaps not a necessity for everyone, cute and whimsical designs that blend well with your home's decor can become that cherry on top when selecting the perfect bowl.


No matter what kind of design a bowl features, pets still make messes. There's just no way around it. The non-slip base and the heavy ceramic material help keep your cat's food in its place, but sometimes that's not enough.

Oré offers a recycled rubber placemat to go under your cat's bowl. This not only keeps the bowl in place, but it catches food that spills around the bowl. The recycled rubber is an eco-friendly way to prevent messes, while the ceramic bowl lasts a lifetime, reducing waste in landfills.

The mat also has a design that matches the random cat faces that adorn the inside of your cat's bowl. It's a perfect complimentary accessory to accompany your feline's dinner time.

Oré doesn't leave out cat owners, though. The company offers a Random Cats Cuppa Color Mug that matches your cat's bowl and mat. Have your coffee while your cat has their breakfast in your matching dinnerware.

Pet Bowl | Random Cats

by  Ore' Originals

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Bowled Over by Random Cats

You may have randomly stumbled upon this article, but choosing a bowl for your cat shouldn't be a haphazard decision. Now that you know the qualities and benefits of the Oré Random Cats Ceramic Cat Bowl, you want to make the conscious decision to try one for your cat.

Should you, dear reader, consider buying the Oré Random Cats Ceramic Cat Bowl? Absolutely! One look at those humorous cat faces and you can't say no.

Considering the long-term benefits and the comfort it brings to your furry friend during meal times, this is an investment worth making. Give the Oré Random Cats Ceramic Cat Bowl a try and see how it transforms your pet's feeding experience. Both you and your feline may find yourself bowled over by this Oré Random Cats Bowl.

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