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Formerly Neglected Cat Loses Her Sight, But Not Her Ability To Love

by Cattitude Daily

For cats with disabilities, they often do not know that they are any different from any other cat. A cat with special needs can be just as curious, playful, and loving as any other cat can be. For Moet the Blind Cat, she was born in the country of Oman and her start at life was certainly not a good one. She found herself stuffed in a wire cage with other kittens inside a lonely pet store. And one by one she was picked over, the other kittens leaving her side. Quickly, she became ill with the cat flu, and the infection spread to her eyes. All alone and utterly neglected, she fell sicker by the day. This pretty little white Persian kitten needed someone to save her, and fast.

Thankfully Al Qurum Veterinary Clinic in Muscat, Oman caught wind of her plight. They were able to save her, but not her eyes. Emergency surgery was performed to remove her eyes which were badly infected. Six days later, Moet’s life changed forever. She heard the soft voice of a woman, and it helped to bring her out of her shell. Until then, she’d never known just how kind humans can be. Moet was smitten with this woman, and flipped over for a belly rub. Emily, the woman who instantly fell in love with Moet, knew that with her is where she belonged—forever. And that’s where she’s been ever since September of 2014.

Everyone, Meet Moet the Blind Cat, a sweet girl who was neglected and abused, but now is living out the very best of her remaining nine lives.

I caught up with Emily, and asked her a few questions about this gorgeous girl whose face will make yours smile. 

What is Moet’s personality like?
“Moet is incredibly sweet natured and happy, but she gets bored easily (I guess because she can’t sit and look around like other cats can). So she needs lots of playtime and attention – though she’s not a lap cat.”
moet the blind cat
What’s something special you’d like people to know about Moet?
“Moet uses her online store and book sale profits to donate to a volunteer animal rescue group locally. We donate 100% of the profits. Aside from that, I suppose the other thing is that she is just so amazing and capable and so many people who meet her in real life ask whether she’s really blind!” (CLICK HERE TO VISIT MOET’S STORE)
Does she have any cat housemates at home?
“Yes, we have another rescue cat called Luna. She was adopted from Al Qurum Vets – the same vets that saved Moet’s life.”
moet the blind cat
Her coat is gorgeous! Does she need extra help staying pretty?
“She doesn’t really need help, but she certainly asks for it by way of several brushing sessions a day. She absolutely adores being brushed.”
Want to keep up with Moet the Blind Cat on social media? Check out her links below! And don’t forget to visit her website here. 
moet the blind cat
I’d like to give a special thank you to Emily for saving Moet, helping other kitties in need, and allowing me to share her uplifting story with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. You are Moet’s angel and a hero in my book!

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Moet the Blind Cat

All Images Courtesy of Moet the Blind Cat on Facebook

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