Meet Mia, Bacardi, & Karuso: A Purrfect Clowder Of German Felines

In Kassel, Germany, there lies three adorable felines by the names of Mia AKA Fat Cat Mia, Bacardi, and Caruso. I came across their adorable photos online, and reached out to see if I could share these precious kitty cats on Cattitude Daily. Their cat mom is a huge lover of felines, and thankfully she allowed me to show off her kitties with all of my readers.

So, everyone, meet Mia, Bacardi, and Karuso!

Mia—AKA Fat Cat Mia

How did Mia, Bacardi, and Karuso come into your life?

Mia came into my life when I was 12 years old. She lives with my parents and I visit her as often as I can. I spent my childhood with her so she’s very important to me.

I adopted Bacardi in September 2020. I moved out and started living together with my boyfriend in a flat and we both always wished to have a Maine Coon cat and then came Bacardi.

We searched for another Maine Coon cat and then we found this cute red little kitten. Karuso lives with us since one month and he gets along very well with all of us.

What are their personalities like?

Mia is a lazy, fat and absolutely lovely cat. She loves to sleep on my lap in winter but in summer she’s always on the move. 
We got her from bad conditions and she has some mental problems. Because of that, she bit her own tail all the time so badly that we had to amputate it. But now she’s a happier cat than ever before.

Bacardi is a shy cat who doesn’t like strangers. If she wants to spend time alone, she doesn’t want to be disturbed. She only cuddles with people she really likes. She is very choosy with her food, sometimes she eats only dry food and refuses to eat her canned food.

Karuso is very clingy and follows me even to the bathroom. He jumps at my lap when I’m sitting at the toilet and wants to be cuddled. He also loves eating. This cat is so hoggish he even tries to eat things that are not eatable at all, like wood or plastic. Overall, Karuso is an extraordinary cat that notices when you feel bad and tries to comfort you.

What are their favorite hobbies?

They like eating, sleeping and playing with the light of laser pointer. 😂

How do Mia, Bacardi, and Karuso get along with each other?

Mia doesn’t like Bacardi and Karuso but that is not a problem because she lives at my parents’ house. Bacardi and Karuso love each other and cuddle all the time.

What’s something special you’d like people to know about Mia, Bacardi, and Karuso?

A really special thing about my cats is that they notice when I feel bad, physically as well as mentally. I was sick with Covid a month ago and had been in the hospital, too. Sometimes I suffer from anxiety attacks to the point at which I feel like I’m suffocating, and in those moments, my cats will literally lie beside me and have such a soothing impact on me. I am so thankful to live with such beautiful and kind creatures.

I’d like to give a special “danke” to their cat mom, Louisa, for allowing me to share her three beautiful cats with everyone. I love being able to connect with cat lovers across the globe, and show of kitties from all walks of life! If you’d like to see more of this German clowder of kitties, check them out here on Instagram.

All Images Courtesy of bacardiandfatcatmia on Instagram

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