Kittens Visit Georgia Aquarium During Cutest Field Trip Ever

kittens visit aquarium

Like almost every other public space in the country, the Georgia Aquarium was forced to close its doors due to COVID-19. The global pandemic is keeping people from touring the glass-lined halls, but the empty building has been a great opportunity for local shelter animals. Several dogs have enjoyed aquarium field trips since the closures began, and the Atlanta Humane Society decided it was time to let kittens join in on the fun.

Aquarium staff invited five special guests for a private tour. Appropriately named Nemo, Guppy, Marlin, Bubbles, and Dory, a litter of cute kittens had a blast watching the colorful fish.

Atlanta Humane Society put together an adorable video of the kittens’ field trip and said,

“They couldn’t get enough of the beautiful Tropical Diver exhibit, and loooooved the jellies! We hope their adorable adventure puts a smile on your face!”

Watch the kittens have fun at the aquarium below!


While these lucky kittens aren’t ready for adoption yet, Atlanta Humane Society has been working hard throughout the pandemic. They want to remind everyone that even with social distancing guidelines in effect, rescue animals still need our help.

Many of the shelter’s animals are currently in foster homes. They’re living the quarantined life alongside loving humans, and the shelter is also offering virtual adoptions. Despite the challenges, animals like Nemo, Guppy, Marlin, Bubbles, and Dory continue to be well cared for.

Shelter officials also encourage every pet owner to establish a pet care plan in case they get sick. The shelter said on Facebook,

“While it’s not fun to think about, it is critical to know who will care for your pet in case you become ill or hospitalized due to COVID-19 and are unable to provide your pet care.”

Everyone should have contact information for a back-up caregiver and at least two weeks’ worth of food and supplies.

While social distancing guidelines might continue for weeks, videos like these cute kittens at the aquarium will always be around to make us smile. 

If you’re interested in supporting an animal shelter during this time or adopting a new family member, visit the Atlanta Humane Society’s website!

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