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  2. Bamboo Pet Bowls

    by Green Pet

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    Key Highlights of the Green Pet Shop Bamboo Cat Bowls
  3. Who Needs the Green Pet Shop Bamboo Cat Bowls and Why
  4. Pros and Cons
  5. What To Look For in a Cat Bowl
  6. Don't Get Bamboozled by Other Bowls

Key Points

  • Bamboo bowls are a natural and eco-friendly alternative to plastic.

  • Some bamboo dishes use melamine in their construction, which may have a negative impact on your cat's health.

  • The colors of the Green Pet Shop bowls are subtle and more earth-toned, which is further evidence that they don't use artificial colors.

With so many options on the market, choosing a bowl for your cat can overwhelm you. Green Pet Shop Bamboo Cat Bowls stand out from others in several ways.

You may have concerns about finding the right balance between practicality, safety, and environmental impact when choosing a food bowl for your pet. Perhaps you tried many alternatives over the years, continually looking for a bowl that your cats can't knock over, lasts well under constant use, and doesn't have a huge environmental impact.

One product ticks all these boxes — the Green Pet Shop Bamboo Cat Bowls. In this article, you'll see what makes these bowls so special and why you should consider them for your feline.

Bamboo Pet Bowls

by Green Pet

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Key Highlights of the Green Pet Shop Bamboo Cat Bowls

  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic: The main component of these bowls is sustainably sourced bamboo, reducing your carbon footprint. They are non-toxic, meaning your pet's food stays safe and clean.

  • Durable and sturdy: The bamboo bowls are incredibly resilient, showing no signs of damage even after prolonged use. Their sturdiness ensures they stay in place during feedings.

  • Ease of cleaning: Although occasionally food may stick, overall, they're easy to clean and maintain, making them an excellent choice for easy pet care.

  • Aesthetic appeal: Unlike common, mundane pet bowls, these bamboo bowls look elegant and blend with your home decor.

  • Health and safety: Using these bowls eliminates the risk of harmful substances leaching into your pet's food, providing you peace of mind for your pet's health.

Who Needs the Green Pet Shop Bamboo Cat Bowls and Why

If you're a pet owner who values a high standard of health for your feline friend and wants to use sustainable products, the Green Pet Shop Bamboo Cat Bowls are an excellent choice for you.

If the longevity and durability of pet products are your top priorities, the construction of these bamboo bowls, coupled with their lightweight nature, is sure to impress you. However, if you prefer more practical and traditional pet bowls or are seeking the cheapest option, you may want to try something else.

The round bamboo bowl features a slanted design ideal for small kittens, senior pets, and those with arthritic conditions. The lowered edge allows them easier access to food or water without craning their necks over the edge of the bowl.

The shallow depth of the bowl promotes healthy eating habits and prevents your cat from experiencing whisker fatigue, which can happen with deeper bowls. It holds up to 2/3 cup, so it may not be sufficient for multiple cats. It's a good idea for each one to have their own bowl anyway.

The round bamboo bowl holds up to two cups but doesn't have a slanted design. There's also a square bamboo bowl that holds 1/2 cup.

The bowls come in a limited assortment of colors, which is actually a good thing. Multiple bright colors tend to come from artificial dyes and other colorants that may harm your pet. The subtle hues of the Green Pet Shop Bamboo Cat Bowls blend with most color schemes.

Some pets dislike certain materials, whether it's the reflective nature of metal bowls, the smell of plastic, or the sound their food makes against ceramic. If you have a cat who's finicky about their bowl, try one of these bamboo bowls.

If you have a multi-pet household that includes dogs, Green Pet Shop offers large bowls perfect for dogs as well. For a safe alternative to mass-produced plastic bowls, the Green Pet Shop Bamboo Cat Bowls are worth looking into.

Pros and Cons

Pros of the Green Pet Shop Bamboo Cat Bowls include their eco-friendliness and non-toxic qualities, their durability and sturdiness, and their aesthetic appeal.

Some customers say that the bamboo bowl is the only one that their pets don't refuse to eat from. If you try other bowls with no success, it may be time to switch to bamboo.

A review on the company's website from June 21, 2023, shows that a customer appreciates the slanted design of the bowl, though they point out that there's a small defect on the "handle" part of the bowl.

Screenshot of customer review, 4 out of 5 starsSource: The Green Pet Shop

Reviews of the small bamboo bowl on Amazon are mostly positive but include some concerns. Several customers say that their bowls crack or chip when dropped.

They also say after leaving them out in the sun, the bamboo bowls don't stand up to the heat. For an indoor cat, this isn't a problem as long as you keep it out of direct sunlight for long periods. You may also want to handwash the bowl to avoid exposing it to high temperatures in the dishwasher.

The slanted bowl and small bamboo bowl are relatively inexpensive, but the larger bamboo bowls are a bit pricey compared to plastic or stainless-steel bowls.

Anyone experienced in pet care and products endorses the Green Pet Shop Bamboo Cat Bowls. They're perfect for any cat owner who prioritizes the health and environmental impact of their pet's products.

What To Look For in a Cat Bowl

When searching for a cat bowl, your primary concern should be your pet's health and safety. Choose a bowl labeled as non-toxic. Some materials used in cheaper bowls potentially leak harmful substances into your pet's food or water.

International Health Planner at the Minnesota Department of Health, Erica Chung, MPH, CPH, wrote an article for the Center for Environmental Health about bamboo dishes and the chemical melamine, sometimes used as a bonding agent.

"Manufacturers of bamboo dishware will often boast that their dishware is free of bisphenol-A (BPA), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or even phthalates, but you won’t know if a dish is made with melamine until you take a closer look at its materials list. So, the next time that you’re thinking about purchasing bamboo dishware, take a second to check the tag for melamine as an ingredient."

Even low doses of melamine, Chung says, have a negative impact on human health, including brain development and reproductive functions. It's unclear how these effects translate to feline health, but if humans are susceptible to these dangers, it's safe to assume that cats are, too.

The company says their bowls are bonded together using extreme heat and pressure. They also use all renewable resources and 100 percent plant dye. Taking in this information, it's likely that melamine isn't part of the makeup, but an inquiry to the company went unanswered before publishing this article.

Besides the safety of the materials, look for bowls that are sturdy enough to withstand your pet's weight if they step on them. Choose one that stays in place as they scoot their food around. You also want it light enough to move and clean easily and not cause damage if it falls.

Take into consideration your cat's preferences and age as well. Certain cats only eat out of bowls made from specific materials, or they avoid others. If your cat normally eats from a raised bowl, a regular one might not suit them.

If you allow your cat to graze or you leave them alone for long periods, an automatic feeder may be more appropriate for them. Be aware of their tendencies, and if you make any changes, do so gradually to avoid causing stress.

Don't discount the aesthetic value of the bowl you choose. It doesn't have to stand out like a sore thumb. Get one that matches your decor. A well-designed bowl like the Green Pet Shop Bamboo Cat Bowls can add a touch of elegance to your home.

Lastly, if you're concerned about your environmental impact, purchase eco-friendly pet products. Opting for sustainable materials like bamboo not only benefits our planet but also gives you a higher-quality product. Shop with these considerations in mind and find the right product that suits your and your feline's needs.

Bamboo Pet Bowls

by Green Pet

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Don't Get Bamboozled by Other Bowls

There are tons of pet bowls on the market in all sorts of designs, colors, and materials. Some companies try to dazzle you with pretty artwork or other features when the construction is made of less eco-friendly plastic.

These plastic bowls may be durable, but the scratches in them can harbor bacteria that may make your cat sick. They're also not good for the environment. If you care about your cat and the world around them, get a bowl made from natural components, like bamboo.

Choose a Green Pet Shop Bamboo Bowl and feel good about providing your cat with one of the most environmentally friendly options out there. Your cat thanks you, and so does the planet.

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