German Felines Help Their Cat Mom Excel At Her Cat Photography

cara and yuna

When it comes to cats, it’s really hard to take a bad photo of them. They’re experts at not blinking, sitting perfectly still, and always looking marvelous, naturally. For Cara and Yuna, I came across their images on Instagram and was instantly drawn to their mesmerizing photographs. Their stunning looks combined with their cat mom’s expert technique really make their images shine. These cats come to life through their photos, and thankfully, their cat mom/cat photographer agreed to answer my questions about this cute pair and her work. Enjoy!

cara and yunacara and yuna

How did you choose their names?

That’s actually a very interesting question. I’ve been thinking back and forth a lot.

Cara was my first cat and the breeder’s name for her was Fortuna, which means “gift from heaven”. I really liked that meaning, but the name wasn’t quite to my liking. So I looked for something that would express similar value as she was definitely my happy maker. So I googled. 😀 Cara means something like “valuable” and I thought that was quite appropriate.

With Yuna, it was a little different. I got Yuna as a kitten, so she didn’t have a name yet. Her character, then and now, is a colorful mixture of playfulness and cuteness. I thought Yuna was appropriate because it means “the young, blooming one” but also “the friendly one”.

Both names suit the cats very well.

cara and yuna

How do they get along with one another?

Times so and times so. Some days they can’t stand each other. Then they both hide in separate rooms and when they walk past each other, they growl sometimes. Other days they cuddle together on the sofa and clean each other. It also always depends a bit on whether they’re hungry or not, I think. just women. 

How would you describe each of their personalities?

Cara is a very calm cat. At first, she is usually rather shy and she goes to another room when there are too many visitors. But she’s also incredibly affectionate. Once she trusts you, there’s no stopping her. She is cuddled like crazy! Cara is very gentle even when I give her a treat. She never fights and is very balanced.

Yuna is a mix of everyone. She is very playful, cheeky, often sees ghosts, and runs around the apartment. However, she is also very affectionate, listens like a dog, and purrs like crazy. I always say that Yuna really is 100% cat, 100% of everything. She even caught a bat on the balcony once. 😀 And then came to us to cuddle.

cara and yuna

What are their favorite hobbies?

Cara is very relaxed, she often lies around and sunbathes or comes to cuddle. But when the feather toys come, she wakes up! Cara is a stunning huntress. Every attempt is a hit. She also catches every fly that flies around here.

Yuna is a whirlwind and always on the move. When she has her crazy 5 minutes, she also jumps up the walls or doors. That’s always super funny. And loud! Yuna always meows like crazy.

In addition, both cats love to sit on the balcony and watch the birds. If the weather is right, the two are outside all day long.

How do you take such great photos of your cats?

In fact, I’m just getting started with photography. I’m evolving every day and trying new things all the time. My husband and I bought a new camera for Christmas because we are also developing professionally in the creative direction. I have so much fun building new sets and then seeing what I can do with the cats. I’m still practicing and our most creative series of images so far has definitely been the feather series. Until now! Because we have planned a series with a sales truck. We’ve already caught up with all of our friends’ ideas and I’m tinkering with it every day to implement everything. This will definitely be worth checking out when the time comes in a couple of weeks.

cara and yuna cara and yuna

What’s something special you’d like for people to know about Cara and Yuna?

Cara and Yuna are two cats that have accompanied me through various situations in life. The two and my dog ​​Benji have been through so much with me. For me, they are family and an important part of my life. That’s why I’m so happy that they get along so well with my little daughter. Sometimes, our little family is chaotic, but the cats and the dog make it complete.

I’d like to give a special “danke” to Cara and Yuna’s cat mom, Birgit, for allowing me to share her cats’ stories and images with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. It’s clear that these two cats are her muse, best fur friends, and true companions. This is just another reason why cats are so special—because they can easily wear so many purrfect hats that make our lives complete. For more of this cute duo of cats, be sure to check them out here on Instagram.

cara and yunacara and yuna

All Images Courtesy of cooniecara on Instagram

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