Everything you should know about an egyptian cat

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Everything You Should Know About an Egyptian Cat

Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to own a miniature leopard? Wait for a second; what exactly does that mean? Have you ever seen an exotic-looking spotted cat breed immediately drawn to it? If so, then you just might have seen an Egyptian Mau cat. The Egyptian Mau is a cat breed from ancient Egypt and is unique in many traits – from how it looks to its behavior and the price of the kittens.

Interestingly enough, though, this Egyptian cat breed has undoubtedly become more popular in America as of late. This rare cat breed has been popular, largely because of its attitude and appearance. And although the Mau cat is a domestic cat, there’s no denying that this Egyptian cat breed is more exotic than the typical domestic shorthair cats.

Because of this, many people have begun to consider buying an Egyptian Mau cat – raising it, training it, and giving it a great home. With this being said, little information is available about this rare cat breed. There are plenty of common cat breeds – from the regular old tabby cat to virtually any other domestic short hair you’ll see at your friend’s house.

The Mau cat, however, is an Egyptian cat – and undoubtedly considered a rare breed at the moment. There’s no doubt, then, that there are plenty of alluring traits that the Mau cat has and plenty of reasons you might want to own one of these Egyptian cats. But before you rush into making that decision, it’s good to look at some of the details of the Mau cat.

One example of this is the rich history of the Egyptian Mau. Other things you need to consider are the appearance of the cat, its temperament, the health conditions it’s prone to, and the cat’s energy level. But your considerations are far – FAR – from over. It would help if you also thought about how much this cat would cost, what to feed it, and more.

Remember that although everyone wants a feline friend, we need to take the responsibility of understanding a breed’s info before we decide to buy a kitten of that breed. After all, not every cat is built the same. So what is the rich history of the Egyptian Mau cat?

History of the Egyptian Mau Cat

According to much reliable historical evidence, many scientists believe that the Mau cat is an Egyptian breed that originated from somewhere within Egypt. Interestingly enough, however, data shows that this Egyptian cat is closely related to the Main Coon cat and several other breeds, such as the Turkish Angora. So even though most people believe the Mau originated somewhere from Egypt, it’s still ultimately up in the air.

It’s likely that this Egyptian cat breed originated – or has been bred – in Egypt largely throughout the past. The reason this information seems likely is that the Mau seems incredibly similar to the Egyptian statues of ancient Egyptian gods – the felines that existed in that era. The Egyptian religion, of course, seems to be tied closely to the feline.

A logical conclusion to make, then, is that the Mau cat had largely been involved in these religions and was recognized exclusively throughout Egypt for a large period of history. This spotted Egyptian cat is undoubtedly exotic, and although it does seem genetically close to the Main Coon and Turkish Angora, it most likely originated from Egypt.

Because of this, buying an Egyptian Mau cat is a gateway into the exotic – you’ll be owning a cat that is likely responsible for a large amount of the cat worship that took place in Egypt throughout the years. This impressive fact seems to have cast the Mau into even more mainstream popularity than it already had and led to the Egyptian Mau being cast into championship status in 1968.

Overall, the Egyptian Mau cat seems to have an inherently mysterious history. From the mountains in America to the sands of Turkey or Egypt, the Mau cat may never truly be revealed to have originated from one of these locations. There’s no doubt that this unique and spotted Egyptian cat is a rare breed that’s a joy to raise.

Speaking of this spotted feline, however, let’s go ahead and review its unique appearance and the style of this incredibly interesting domesticated cat breed.


The Egyptian Mau cat breed may have unclear origins, but it has an incredibly clear appearance that makes it easily recognizable among other breeds and cats. If you want some serious bragging rights, then the appearance of this Egyptian cat is the top reason to start a conversation. After all, the Egyptian Mau cat is one of the two only naturally developed spotted cat breeds. Even a popular cat such as the Bengal is a mixed breed, created as a hybrid between the Egyptian Mau and the Leopard cat.

This unique hereditary lineage has given the Mau an “up” as a very rare and prestigious cat breed. After all, it’s not every day that you’re one of the only naturally spotted cats – ever. Mau cats tend to have vividly green eyes, lending even more to their incredibly exotic and unnatural appearance that so many avid cat fans have grown to love. If you’re talking about an incredibly unique cat right out of the pages of some fictional story, the Egyptian Mau takes those stereotypes and one-ups them.

Without question, the appearance of the Egyptian Mau cat is easily one of the best features of the breed, something that cat breeders and organizations everywhere have come to recognize. This Egyptian cat prominently comes in either silver, bronze, or smoke colorings, making it a beautifully classy breed to raise. These hauntingly-unique color patterns, paired with the eyes of the Mau, make it easily one of the prettiest cat breeds around.

These Egyptian cats tend to be smaller or medium in size, meaning that the Egyptian Mau is a more exotic breed than some of the larger and more native breeds we know and recognize. Beyond this, the Mau cat has longer hind legs than its front legs, giving it the unique appearance of seeming always to be jumping.

Another common physical trait of the Mau cat is the markings on their forehead, which many say resemble the scarab beetle. These markings complete the appearance of the Egyptian cat, giving it an appearance that can easily make you imagine why the Egyptians worshiped this cat so many years ago. Overall, the appearance of this Egyptian cat is fraught with an exotic nature that undoubtedly speaks to the history of this cat that we continue to unlock to this day.

Beyond the appearance, however, there are many other unique aspects to consider about the Mau cat. One example of this is the temperament of the breed, something that may very well be considered just as exotic as the appearance.


The temperament of any cat is an aspect you need to consider before even considering buying a kitten of that breed. Remember that temperament is a large aspect of how well you do with the cat in the long run. You need to be able to get along with your feline companion, and their temperament will largely affect the quality of your relationship with them.

Because of this, an important aspect to consider is the general temperament of this Egyptian cat. After all, a cat can be a lifelong companion – so you’d best be sure you’re okay with their attitude. So how does the Egyptian Mau cat act? What is this breed’s overall temperament?

The Egyptian Mau is a standoffish breed when new people are involved, but it can be a fierce and loyal companion to those it values and trusts. It is incredibly beneficial to any cat lover, and although you may have trouble navigating the fact that it doesn’t seem to like anybody but you, the fact that it likes you will be enough.

Beyond this, this Egyptian cat loves the company of humans they trust – and this remains especially true with any human who’ll spend plenty of time wrestling and playing with them. Because of this, the Egyptian Mau can be a great breed around children, as it loves to romp and wrestle. That said, it’s always important to keep an eye on any pet when they socialize with your children to ensure your kids don’t get accidentally hurt.

Being one of the fastest domestic cat breeds, the Egyptian Mau is an agile and active breed. This Egyptian cat requires frequent exercise and is doubtlessly a very energetic feline. Because of this, your Mau cat will be playful and crazy at times but a loyal addition to any family.

What Health Conditions Is the Mau Prone To?

Like any cat, the Egyptian Mau doesn’t exist without problems. Nearly every cat breed is prone to some health condition or issues that may make it difficult for the breed if the owner isn’t aware and doesn’t catch the issues on time. Because of this, it’s crucial always to be aware of the specific health conditions that your breed of cat may be prone to.

Although the Egyptian Mau cat is a very healthy breed overall, it’s still prone to several issues you should consider. Many Egyptian Mau cats are prone to lower urinary tract disease (or UTIs), heart problems, and even gum diseases.

Although these issues can exhibit themselves in other cat breeds, it’s important to realize that these three issues are some of the top ones that this Egyptian cat specifically struggles with. Beyond this, the Mau breed may also struggle with weight issues, especially when it doesn’t have access to its required amount of daily activity.

After all, you have to remember that this Egyptian cat breed is extremely active – the Egyptian Mau cat loves to be active, playful, and energetic without question. When it’s not exposed to the right amount of exercise or daily play and isn’t fed a healthy diet, there’s no question that this cat can become overweight. Overweight pets suffer far too often simply from a lack of activity, so it’s incredibly important that you deal properly with the energy level of the Egyptian Mau cat and understand how much exercise it needs before purchasing one.

Cool Names for Your Egyptian Mau

If you’re willing to dish out the money to buy one of these rare Egyptian cats, your Egyptian Mau could do with a unique name. No question, this breed has a rich history and unique agility, so naming your kitty based on these things could be a fantastic idea.

Ultimately, the Egyptian Mau cat is a hyper, active, and agile cat breed that varies from small to medium size and comes with a potentially rich history of being known and worshiped as a deity in ancient Egypt. Playing off of these unique aspects could bring out the “zest” of your Egyptian cat.

Some fantastic names for your Egyptian cat:

No matter what name you end up going with, these are some pretty awesome picks that you can decide on that’ll reference either your Egyptian cat’s unique history or that they’re a fuzzball of energy. No matter what you end up going with, just make sure it suits their personality.

Remember, your cat’s name will be with them for the rest of their lives! The better it suits your cat, the better of a name it is.

How Much Would a Mau Cat Kitten Cost?

The Egyptian Mau cat is a very rare cat breed, with barely any registered kittens in the database. You can expect to pay anywhere between $800 to $3,000 for this Egyptian cat, depending on where you purchase it.

Admittedly, this doesn’t include any potential fees you may end up paying to ensure that you’re purchasing an authentic Mau cat. You will also need to register them and buy the initial supplies for your new Egyptian cat.

That said, this price may very well be worth it for those dedicated to owning a Mau cat.

Getting Catty: Summing up the Mau

Overall, the Egyptian Mau cat is a breed that’s not quite like any other. An incredibly rare cat breed, there’s no doubt that the popularity of the Egyptian Mau will keep expanding over time – it just takes more and more cat lovers willing to buy, breed, and sell this unique feline.

This Egyptian cat has an appearance unlike any other. With spotted fur and an almost hauntingly beautiful pair of green eyes, this cat is exotic in nature and its looks. Although there are no clear facts about the origin of this Egyptian cat, it’s most likely that it originated from somewhere in or around Egypt and has since spread throughout the world with select breeders.

No matter the reason, the Egyptian Mau cat is undoubtedly a unique and energetic cat to raise and could provide a great addition to any family. With that being said, this rare Egyptian cat breed is no dollar menu item – these kittens can be incredibly pricy due to the limited number of the breed.

In the end, though, the Mau cat is a fantastic breed – though it has its fair share of health conditions and attitude issues, the Egyptian Mau cat is the perfect example of an ideal breed for many people. No matter if you have energetic children who would value a playful and energetic cat rather than a lush breed or if you’re trying to find an exotic and rare cat unlike any other, this Egyptian cat may very well fit your description.

There’s plenty more information to learn about the Mau, and scientists will keep researching and exploring this Egyptian cat’s origin and traits.

There’s plenty more information to learn about the Mau, and scientists will keep researching and exploring this Egyptian cat’s origin and traits. There’s plenty more information to learn about the Mau, and scientists will keep researching and exploring this Egyptian cat’s origin and traits.

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