Do Cats Prefer Females?

do cats prefer females?

Cats are finicky beings that often leave us guessing. But when it comes to cats, they are typically quick to choose their favorite person in the household within their first few months of residency. And, often, that person is the female in the home. But, why is it that many cats prefer females? Let’s take a closer look…

do cats prefer females

Cats prefer females because they have a softer voice

Your cat’s sense of hearing is far better than yours. In fact, it’s about three times better than yours. So, imagine how loud a deep man’s voice would sound in the mind of a cat. With that being said, cats often gravitate to women because they naturally have softer voices. Meaning that cats find female voices more appealing and less threatening. And a recent study revealed that cats are often allured by the sound of baby talk, which you might find surprising. So, while this can be annoying to humans, your cat actually might like them when you baby them in this way! Your cat knows when you are speaking to them, that’s why you can be quick to grab their attention when you use that certain soft tone of voice when talking to them. So, the next time you talk to your kitty in your baby voice, know that it makes them feel special. And just ignore the eye rolls in the room that you might see.

Often, cats prefer females if they’ve come from abusive homes

Your cat’s memory is sharp if they’ve experienced trauma that has left them emotionally scarred. There are many telltale signs that a cat has come from an abusive home, and for cats that have endured trauma from a male owner, it might make them fearful of males in general. Cats have excellent long-term memory. So, if they’ve experienced abuse at the hands of a male, this can make them extremely fearful in the presence of a man. And when cats feel threatened, they can hide, hiss, or even attack.

do cats prefer females?

Cats might prefer females over males because they have a softer touch

Just as your cat’s sense of hearing is magnified compared to yours, so is their sense of touch. With that being said, a cat might be drawn more to a female given that they usually have a more delicate touch when handling them. Now, as we know, cats are truly individuals so this will vary based on a cat’s temperament. But, if you have a skittish kitty cat that’s naturally fearful of people, a female with a soft touch might help to put their mind at ease. But this isn’t to say that a man can’t earn a skittish cat’s trust, because they certainly can! It just might take a bit more coaxing.

Cats can sense a woman’s maternal instincts

Even if a woman has human babies, chances are, that kitty cat in her home gets treated like a baby, too. This is where maternal instincts come into play. Cats are quick to notice who favors them, spoils them, and gives into their demands—such as treats, food, and play. This might be the reason why many cats naturally gravitate to the female of the household because they like the extra special motherly attention that they receive. And, as we know, women of the house are often the caregivers who provide meals for the people and the pets of the family. Cats take notice of who provides their meals, and they aren’t quick to forget that either!

lap cat

Oftentimes, cats prefer females because they spend more time with them

Just like the motherly instincts factor mentioned above, the female of the household might be more mindful to spend time with the pets in the house. And this is especially true when it comes to one-on-one interaction. A cat likes to be favored, and they can return this gesture by choosing the lady of the house to be their preferred person. Cats like things on their terms when it comes to affection, but all cats are social beings that crave attention. (Don’t let the aloof stereotypes fool you.) Additionally, a female might be more in tune and quick to spot differences in her cat’s mood or changes in their emotions. It’s this extra special attention that females provide that makes cats feel genuinely loved and appreciated. After all, who doesn’t like to be made to feel special? Aww!

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