Meet Three Lucky Kitties That Go For Fairytale-Like Excursions

When it comes to cats, many love to explore the great outdoors. And if they’re allowed to do so with the watchful eye of their humans, these explorations can make for some truly memorable bonding experiences. For some cats, the backdrop in which they get the opportunity to explore can be quite picturesque. And for the glückskatz clowder of kitties, which translates to “lucky cat” in German, their scenery looks straight out of a fairytale!

Match gorgeous cats with equally gorgeous scenery, and you have yourself mesmerizing photos that you could get lost in! I caught up with the cats’ owner hoping to feature them on the website, and thankfully they agreed! So, everyone enjoy their lovely images and learning about these pretty kitty cats.

Goki und Calcifer

How did each of your kitties get their names, and what are their personalities like?

So we have Son Goki (our British Shorthair cat with the blue/yellow eyes), and he got his name from the anime Dragonball, and like the main character he is never full. He is soft and a little bit clumsy. He can’t land on his feet when he jumps from higher grounds. He is very photogenic and a real meowdel.

Next we have the two birmans Drogo (Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones) he is very much like a dog. He loves to play with any feather toy this world has to offer, or plays fetch like a real dog. And he even waits for you at the door, he follows you everywhere. And he will also growl when he hears a scary noise outside.


And Calcifer (also anime based name from Howl’s Moving Castle – little cute fire demon) he sleeps, loves guests, loves to cuddle, and he craves love and affection. He also loves to be held. He will jump on your shoulders and never leave. Both love everything that is new. You doing stuff? They will be right there in the middle of it all!

Do they have any other cat or dog friends at home?

We have dog friends @pfotastische4 (pawtastic4) my best friend. Their owner visits us with the dogs or we go on walks together. My cats will be in the backpack, and the dogs all on leash.

How do your cats get along with each other?

They behave like they are real siblings. They need their space. But when something new comes, or their scared, or there is a new adventure, they are all together.

I’d like to give a special “danke schön” to these lucky cats’ owner for allowing me to share her cats’ story and photos with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. Their Instagram says that they’re “genießen 9 Leben in vollen Zügen” which translates to “enjoying 9 lives to the fullest” and it’s clear to see they’re taking that to heart! If you’d like to see more of their cute photos, follow Glückskatz here on Instagram!




All Images Courtesy of Glückskatz here on Instagram

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