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Feline 411: All About The Chartreux Cat Breed

by Victoria

The Chartreux cat is a majestic feline that might behave more like a dog than a cat. Although this cat is often confused with the British Shorthair, the Chartreux cat is very much a kitty with a look and history of its own!

Let’s learn all about the rare Chartreux cat breed!

Chartreux cat breed facts

You probably guessed it… these cats are French

The Chartreux cat is part of all aspects of French history. This cat has origins in the monasteries of France, where many believe the Chartreux cat was first bred. In fact, there were oral traditions passed down about these unique cats from these monasteries.

Fast forward a few hundred years, this cat made its way not only into written tradition but into nobility. There is a painting of an aristocratic woman, Magdaleine Pinceloup de la Grange, holding a grey kitty that many art historians agree is a Chartreux cat. This painting was commissioned in 1747! There are also several references to this feline in French literature too.

Chartreux kittens

But, the Chartreux cat’s origins are still unknown

While there are various allusions to the Chartreux cats in French history, the actual origins of this cat are pretty uncertain. The oral traditions passed on by the monks say that these cats originally came from the mountains of Syria. How they arrived in France was most likely by way of the Crusades, a religious war that began in the 11th century. Historians believe this tale, as there are many confirmed sightings of Chartreux cats along the roads Crusaders traveled to the Middle East.

These cats are pretty rare

The Chartreux cat isn’t one you’ll see just about anywhere. That’s because these cats were part of French nobility for a long time. As we know, nobility really values bloodlines. The French aristocracy controlled the breeding of these cats, making them very limited until this day.

This doesn’t just go for France or Europe. The Chartreux cat is rare even in the United States. That’s most likely due to the fact that this cat didn’t even arrive in the U.S. until 1970!

Chartreux cat breed

Chartreux cats have very unique hair

What is absolutely fascinating about the Chartreux cat is their coat. These cats actually have water-resistant fur. This means that, no matter how soaked these kitties get, they will come out of a bath pretty dry on their own. This is one of the few Chartreux cat facts that make these kitties more like dogs than cats.

Most can’t tell the difference between the British Blue and the Chartreux cat

These two kitties may have a similar blue-gray coat, but that isn’t enough to say these two cats are alike!

The British Blue cat does not have the water-repellant hair that Chartreux cats do. Instead, British Blues has a super dense and plush coat that definitely retains water. Also, British Blues have strong legs and are more stocky than the Chartreux.

The real big difference between these kitties is their eyes. Chartreux cats have distinctly orange eyes. British Blues, however, can have green, blue, gold, or even copper eyes.

Chartreux cat breed

Many adore these cats for how calm and quiet they are

Chartreux cats live by the motto: cool, calm, and collected. They prefer to live a low-key life, lounging around, and not annoying anyone. These cats are so chill that they rarely even hiss at people.

Also, Chartreux cats aren’t’ very chatty either. This goes from the moment these felines are kittens – these cats doesn’t make much of a peep! This makes these cats a favorite for many cat owners who prefer to maintain a very tranquil household environment.

The Chartreux cat loves to have a BFF

Even though these cats may not be chatty, they do love companionship. Chartreux cats stick by their humans. They don’t love being alone. These cats don’t mind being held for long periods of time. As many of us cat owners know – this isn’t common for most cats. So, if you’re a dog person looking for a cat, the Chartreux may be the cat for you!

In fact, Chartreux cats are known for picking their special someone. They like to get really close to one person and make them their best friend for life. This doesn’t mean that this kitty will forget about or be mean to others – these cats stay super friendly to everyone else. But, their special someone will forever get that extra special treatment.

Do you or anyone you know have a Chartreux cat? Well, what a rare treasure you have! We’d love to hear any and all the stories about these beautiful kitties.

pretty Chartreux cats

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