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Artist Gives Animals Cat Faces And They’re Too Cute

by Cattitude Daily

My young daughters are big fans of kittycorns, AKA cat unicorn hybrids, but what if there were other animals that had cat faces? Galina Bugaevskaya of Moscow, Russia is a big-time cat lover. And she also happens to be a talented graphic artist. She decided to herself that she would make cats be everywhere, literally. (Trust us, the results are purrfection for the most part!)

How did she plan to go about this? Well, with her Koty Vezde (translation: Cats Are Everywhere) creations!

In Galina’s very own cat universe, any cat hybrid is possible. If you’ve ever wondered what a seal or a penguin or porcupine or a koala would look like with a cat’s face, these fun creations will tell you. And even if the thought has never once crossed your mind, these uniquely purrfect creations will leave a lasting impression on you—and likely bring a smile to your face.

I’ve rounded up some of the best of the best for you to ohh and ahh over, and don’t forget to check out Galina’s Instagram page @koty_vezde for loads more. Enjoy! 🙂

This sleeping cat fox is just too purrfect for words!

How about a cat owl? 🦉 So screechy! 🙀

Is it just me, or does this look like a new breed of wrinkly cat?! 🐕🤔

Kitty bear likes to climb trees! 🐻

This cat snail is too friggin’ cute! 🐌

Kitty koala, anyone? 🐨

This would stop me dead in my tracks, cat face or not! 🙀

I think a lot of people would be less afraid of spiders if they looked like this! 🕷

Not sure about the turtle, maybe only because it’s a Sphynx…🐢

This kitty ferret kinda makes me wish these were real—cuteness overload!

This cat seal makes my heart skip a beat! 😻

Imagine this little penguin cat waddling along…🐧

Squirrels and cats can never seem to get along, so this one is super surprising because it’s crazy cute! 🐿

I LOVE this panda cat! 🐼

Some bunny is super duper cute! 🐰

This Snowy Owl looks great with a cat face 😉

Pigs should definitely remain pigs! 😬

Such a lovely cat bird! 🐦


I would hold this purrfect little animal in my hand, too!

Don’t forget to check out Galina’s Instagram account for more super cool Cats Are Everywhere creations!

All Images Courtesy of Galina Bugaevskaya – Koty Vezde on Instagram

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