Top Covered Litter Boxes For Your Cat

For any cat owner out there that has an ecstatic feline with a penchant for kicking their litter like a bull ready to charge, then a covered cat litter box might be your best bet for damage control. There are a wide variety of litter boxes out there, each with an individualized design that’s boasted for its durability, odor control, and lowered mess maintenance. Trying to figure out which litter box to invest in can be a bit…stressful, especially when all you want is a nice-smelling house that doesn’t smell like urine or have litter scattered everywhere that ends up sticking to your feet (almost as bad as a wet sock), and dust from the litter box coating your floors and carpets. All in all, not a fun time.

That’s why we’ve put together this article reviewing some of the most popular top-covered litter boxes found on Amazon. We’ve done the research, read the reviews, and now we’re bringing the next best litter box to you!

Top Covered Litter Boxes For Your Cat

Purina Tidy Cats, Breeze Cat Litter Box System Starter Kit


Purina Tidy Cats, Breeze Cat Litter Box System Starter Kit hooded litter box system includes a pack of four cat pads, a litter box scoop, and one 3.5 lb bag of litter pellets for a month’s worth of refills!

Litter Pads

The disposable bonus litter pads are designed to control moisture by soaking it in to keep the litter box dry. These litter pads are made to last up to around 7 days for a single cat, so if you have more than one cat you may need to change the litter pads more often.

Cat Litter Pellets

The provided cat litter pellets are designed to be anti-tracking and 99.9% dust-free. This aids in preventing dust or litter-tracking around the litter box after usage. No more dirty floors or carpets!

Litter Quality

The litter quality provided with the purchase of this litter box is top quality, making clean-up easy. The solids remain on top for quick removal with a litter scoop, while the urine soaks into the litter pads below, preventing clumping and urine clump clean-ups. Simply remove the litter pads every 7 days, maximum, for a single cat and more often if the litter box is used by multiple cats.


Purina Tidy Cats, Breeze Cat Litter Box System Starter Kit is rated at 4.4 out of 5 stars. There are a total of 10,317 global ratings, 74% of them being 5 stars.


Rating this litter box 5 out of 5 stars, this customer believes the litter concept used by this brand to be the best “hands down”. Using the provided litter pads meant for urine disposal was a hit. They noted an improvement in odor issues, though there’s still some. With the usage of the litter pads, there’s less of an odor issue, though. The hooded version of this litter box was perfect for areas where visitors may see the litter box. Out of all the litter boxes this specific customer has used, which has been more than a few, they state that this product is worth the money as it’s easy to clean and maintain, and the felines love it!

A second customer gave this cat litter box 5 out of 5 stars as well! They stated there’s close to no cat urine odor ransacking the area, as well as no dust or litter tracking outside the litter box. The only woe they had was the cost of the litter pads (as the previous review above had as well) but they stated that it’s easy to buy these litter pads elsewhere for a lower cost.


The only issue with this litter box customers have is the price of the litter pellets and litter pads. Both of these items can come out as a bit costly when bought from this specific distributor, but other brands sell these items.

Van Ness, Cat Pan


This Cat Pan by Van Ness has an enclosed cat litter pan used as an “odor door” for odor control. It’s combined with a replaceable Zeolite air filter that can be bought through this brand, Van Ness Store, or another brand depending on cost and effectiveness.

Odor Control

This litter box is designed for cat owners that desire world-class odor control as litter boxes, as many cat owners know, can be repugnantly stinky even when cleaned frequently and using “odor control” litter products.

Made with a high polished finish, the litter box is rather easy to clean. The high polished finish and plastic material prevent odor and stains, further inhibiting any odor issues.

Litter Control

Perfect for the messy cat, this high-sided litter box is properly formatted to aid with litter control, along with odor issues.


The Cat Pan by Van Ness is rated at 4.5 out of 5 stars. There are a total of 25,422 global ratings, 72% of them being 5 stars.


This customer dedicates their 5-star review of this litter box to all the “dedicated litter scrapers” out there. Based on personal experience, this customer recommends this litter box for all of the cat owners with cats that like to thoroughly kick, scrape, and cover their “leftovers”. The hooded covering and cat door help prevent any further messes for all of the litter kickers out there.

With a review of 5 out of 5 stars, another customer boasted about the benefits of the high sides and hood. Her precious feline has a tendency to urinate at the edge of the litter box, so having an enclosed litter box managed to be super helpful in eliminating urine messes leaking outside of the litter box.


Rating the litter box 2 stars out of 5, one customer was displeased by the high sides and tiny pan. Though the sides were a decent height, the pan itself was uncomfortably small for a normal-sized cat.

Another customer rated this litter box 1 star out of 5 with the same issue. The size of the litter box pan was way too small, not fitting the provided item description.

Top Covered Litter Boxes For Your Cat

Petmate Store, Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box


The Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box by Petmate Store prevents litter and dust scatter by catching litter from your cat’s paws in a single step. The enclosed dome design is meant to prevent the scatter and tracking of litter, while the hooded top gives your friendly feline some necessary privacy.

Odor Control

To keep cat owners’ homes odor-free, this Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box contains a charcoal filter. This filter minimizes and controls undesired odors from pet waste, helping keep homes smelling clean and fresh without nasty smells.

Litter Control

50% larger than the average cat litter box, the litter dome for this Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box has a built-in handle. This is to make cleaning easier for cat owners; the dome is easy to move for cleaning purposes.


The Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box by Petmate Store is rated at 4.4 out of 5 stars. There are a total of 18,702 global ratings, 69% of them being 5 stars.


In a review of 5 out of 5 stars, one customer boasted about the appearance of the litter box as it looks “fancy” compared to other litter boxes. For any cat owners that own a feline that tends to have “performance” issues when not relegated to their desired privacy, this litter box is it. The covered litter box itself lasts a while and provides some much-needed privacy for “alone-time” time for your cat.

Another 5-star review boasted how her dog could no longer help himself to “tootsie-rolls,” also known as cat poop, with the enclosed structure of the litter box.


Rating this litter box 1 out of 5 stars, this customer initially begins to boast positive aspects concerning the ability of this cat litter box in keeping litter inside the box and preventing litter from scattering everywhere outside the box. Then, they go on to state that if your cat urinates near the edge of the litter box, it leaks out of the box onto the floor and creates a nasty mess. It may not be noticed initially, but the urine builds up over time in the cracks and edges of the litter box and eventually begins to ooze onto the floor.

A one-star review complained similarity to the previous 1-star review above. They stated that if your cat ends up urinating near the stairs of the litter box, then it creates a channel and the urine will travel down the steps to create an undesired mess.

Van Ness, Corner Enclosed Cat Pan


The Corner Enclosed Cat Pan by Van Ness Store was created to save space, shockingly able to fit in any corner of a room.

Odor Control

The enclosed litter pan created by Van Ness was specifically designed for cat owners that wanted world-class odor control. The odor door attached to the litter box combined with the Zeolite air filter performs fantastically in creating an odor-free, clean-smelling environment.

The plastic material combined with the high polished finish makes the litter box easy to clean while remaining odor and stain-resistant for an added plus.

Litter Control

The hood and odor door are great tools made to prevent cats with a penchant for scattered, kicking, and scraping litter during “downtime”, from making a mess.


The Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box by Petmate Store is rated at 4.5 out of 5 stars. There are a total of 15,110 global ratings, 70% of them being 5 stars.


With a rating of 5 out of 5 stars, this cat owner was spectacularly pleased with this litter box. It fit perfectly in the corner space of her home.

Another 5-star review loved that the design of this litter box prevents litter from scattering everywhere. The cat litter box was surprisingly spacious and deep, with the added air purifier performing on the task in terms of odor control.

Adding a 5-star review to this Corner Enclosed Cat Pan by Van Ness Store, another customer boasted about the privacy provided to her cat along with the benefit of the litter box fitting perfectly in the corner of her home—as described in the product’s description. Perfect for a large cat and easy to clean, this cat owner ended up removing the cat door and replacing it with a different covering.


Rating the litter box 1 star out of 5, one customer was deeply grievous over the lack of quality in this product. The bottom of the litter box was warped, causing the box to move and teeter on the ground. This customer wasn’t the happiest over the cat door designed to hold in smells for odor control, stating that the cat door didn’t align properly and made it harder for the cat to enter and exit the litter box.

With a review of 2 out of 5 stars, a customer stated that there’s an issue with urine control for this litter box. According to them, the lid doesn’t completely connect to the pan of the litter box. This causes a problem in maintaining structure and waste control, as the urine attaches itself to the lid and the corners of the box.

Top Covered Litter Boxes For Your Cat

Types of Litter

Clay Litter

Known to be one of the best clumping cat litters of them all, clay litter requires less maintenance in terms of cleaning. The high absorbency of clay litter aids in the removal of waste by clumping each without marring the whole litter box. Clumping litter saves time so cat owners don’t have to clean out the entire litter box.

Many clay litter brands boast low to practically no dust, which many other litter types commonly have issues with when cats used the “toilet”. Easy to scoop, clay litter is great in terms of odor control and decreasing cleaning time. There is a scented litter option available for clay litter as well!

Crystal Litter

Calm down, all you crystal lovers out there! No actual gemstones were desecrated in the making of this litter!

More costly than other cat litter types, crystal litter is usually made from silica gel. This ingredient originates from a natural mineral and desiccant called sodium silicate. A desiccant soaks up water, similarly to a sponge in terms of absorbency, resulting in a bead or ball shape after the silica gel absorbs the waste liquids.

Crystal litter is surprisingly soft on cat paws, which is great for any kittens or older cats that have sensitive paws. Due to its shape and texture, crystal litter not only aids in odor control and waste management but prevents litter tracking as well.

Pine Litter

With its natural proclivity of staving of odors, pine litter is a popular litter option for many cat owners. Made from pine trees (hopefully that was obvious), pine litter boasts low dust and incredible absorbency while being notably softer than clay litter. Compared to clay litter, pine litter is much more environmentally-friendly while also managing to provide significantly better odor control.

There are two types of pine litter: non-clumping and clumping. The clumping form of pine litter is ground-up, its appearance being similar to sawdust. On the other hand, non-clumping pine litter is shaped in a cylindrical form.

Paper Litter

Often used for cats that have injuries related to their paws, paper litter is environmentally friendly, as it uses recycled paper materials like a shredded newspaper. There are practically no issues with dust when using paper litter, as it’s often used for cats with injured paws since it is beneficial in preventing agitation to wounds.

Paper litter doesn’t clump. It also can’t control odor, hence the reason why paper litter is frequently used for short-term usage rather than long-term.

Wheat Litter

Another great environmentally-friendly alternative when buying cat litter, wheat litter is formed using processed wheat. There are no added ingredients, like perfumes or dyes, in the wheat litter which can make it a great product for any cats with sensitivities or allergies.

Wheat litter does clump and aids in controlling odors. The litter forms into a material similar to sawdust when exposed to urine and is easily scoopable for cat owners alike.

Corn Litter

A biodegradable option, corn litter is made from dried corn kernels. A natural option for a type of cat litter, corn litter is absorbable and clumps, making clean-up easier and environmentally friendly.

Some corn litters contain cat attractants. For an older cat or a kitten, this can be a great method in encouraging a feline of any age to use the litter box rather than the carpet or floor.


Each product has its pros and cons, and each product may work best for some and work horribly for others. We’ve put a list together of the Top Covered Litter Boxes For Your Cat that has the highest ratings and plenty of reviews from cat owners like you to provide easy alternatives to cat litter boxes of the past that haven’t managed to do their duty…pun very much intended.

We hope this article was informative in its content on “Top Covered Litter Boxes For Your Cat”. Share this article with friends and family looking to decrease cat litter odor and litter messes in the household!

Top Covered Litter Boxes For Your Cat

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