Meet Zelda & Zeus: Two Rescue Kitties That Are Oh-So-Adorable

I come across lots of kitties all the time when scrolling through social media. Cats are all unique in their own way, and for Zeus & Zelda, their beauty matched with a kind-hearted woman with a soft spot for cats in need earned them their happily ever after.

Together these two rescue kitties spend their days in Lisbon, Portugal being spoiled and loved and hamming it up for the camera. Which, as you can see, they are purrfect cat models! I connected with their owner to see if I could feature her purrfectly photogenic rescue kitties, and thankfully she agreed! Keep reading to learn all about Zelda and Zeus, and feast your eyes over their precious images. Enjoy!

How did Zelda and Zeus come into your life?

I met Zelda on the street when she was about 1 week old. She was in my yard in the middle of the beans, alone and sick.

When I took her, I knew immediately that I wanted her in my life and that I needed to help her.

I went with her to the vet, because she was very weak and we managed to make it.

Today she is a beautiful and healthy cat.

After a year I decided Zelda needed company and decided to adopt Zeus.

He was also rescued from the street when he was a baby. I found him on an animal adoption site when he was 5 months old.

For having that unusual feature ( his white mustache) I thought someone would have already adopted him. But although many people wanted to adopt him, he was very fearful and in order to protect himself he ended up being aggressive, and people did not adopt him for that reason. But I didn’t give up.

The first few days were more complicated because he wouldn’t let us get close, but little by little he was gaining confidence and at this moment he even lets unknown people give him cuddles.

Zeus and Zelda quickly started getting along and playing together.

Zeus as a kitten

What are their personalities like?

Zelda is more calm, loving, lazy, loves to sleep on top of me, and loves cuddles on the head. Does not like noisy environments or being visited by other animals (hides just behind the curtains).

Zeus is more playful and active, he is also very affectionate, loves to rub himself on my legs and is very eager. He doesn’t like to be held.

Do they have any other cat or dog housemates at home?

We don’t have any more animals. My mother’s cat occasionally comes to my home and plays with Zeus. Zelda prefers to watch.

What are their favorite hobbies?

Zelda loves to sleep, watch the birds at the window, and get sunbathed.

Zeus loves to play and watch TV ( he can lie on the couch for an hour looking at the TV).

What’s something special you’d like people to know about Zelda & Zeus?

For me everything about them is special, and without a doubt they made my life a lot happier.

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Sandra Camilo from Lisbon, Portugal for allowing me to share her cats’ story with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. If you know another cat lover who would enjoy learning about Zelda & Zeus, don’t forget to share. To keep up with them on a regular basis, follow these two cute cats here on Instagram.

All Images Courtesy of Zelda & Zeus on Instagram
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