Little Girl Turned “Bobcat Whisperer” Faces Down Calmly With Bobcat

I absolutely love cats of all kinds—including their big cat cousins. My family and own acreage in southern Colorado, and I’ve had the opportunity to see a bobcat walk—or should I say pounce—right across my property! Catching a glimpse of a big cat in their natural habitat is enough to make you stop in your tracks. And for one brave little girl out of Castle Rock, Colorado, she learned that firsthand this week!

Five-year-old Rian Woodard was playing safely in her backyard on her Big Wheel when she noticed an unfamiliar cat chasing after a rabbit. Quickly she realized this was not your ordinary house cat that had stumbled into her backyard. It was a bobcat—and a hungry one at that! As you can see from the footage, the two shared an intense moment of understanding and respect for one another. And thankfully, no one was harmed.

Check out this clip courtesy of Fox 31 News Denver which features the 22 second stare down for a hungry bobcat and a brave little lady…

Something tells me that this story will be told for years over, and that maybe little Rian actually is something of a “Bobcat Whisperer” as they claim. Either way, I’m grateful that everyone was alright, and that the bobcat got to be wild and just carry on about their day. Hopefully they’ll think to find rabbits outside of backyards next time!

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