Joe The Tuxedo Cat Will Make You Swoon With His Baby Blues

I love cats of all kinds, but there is something truly magical about a dark coated cat with bright blue eyes. It’s something you don’t see everyday, especially since most cats have green eyes. For a handsome kitty named Joe, he’s got the natural ability to turn heads. And he does this with his stunning blue eyes and unique tuxedo cat coat.

Everyone, meet Joe: a unique tuxedo cat who is here to make you ooh and aah over!

I caught up with Joe’s owner after seeing his adorable photos in my Tuxedo Cat Lovers group, so keep reading to learn all about this eight-year-old fancy feline with the prettiest baby blues…

How did Joe come into your life?

Joe came to us from a rescue in Lacey, WA. We had a black cat named Buddy who passed away at 22 years old and our house felt empty with his loss, so after a few months we began searching for a new baby. We were told of a litter of black kittens and made the two hour drive to go see them.

I had chosen a solid black female I was going to name Lacey but there was this tuxedo male will brilliant blue eyes who would NOT leave my shoelaces alone. At the last minute we changed our minds and took that little boy home and named him Joe.

What is his personality like?

 As a kitten, Joe was as rambunctious and adventurous as they come. As he’s gotten older, he has become cautious and more subdued, but he still loves a good hug.

Do you have any fun nicknames for Joe?

We call him Joe-Joe-Bean. He loves it I think. ❤️

What are Joe’s favorite hobbies?

Joe’s favorite activity is drinking from the bathroom faucet, laying in the sun, and getting in the way when I’m making the bed.

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Does Joe have any cat or dog housemates?

Joe lives with his two cat brothers, Gabriel and Wesley, and his three dog sisters, German Shepherds named Morgan and Sammie, and a Tibetan Spaniel named Daisy.

What’s something special you’d like people to know about Joe?

Joe is the only blue-eyed tuxedo cat his vet has ever seen. Also, Joe has Inflammatory Bowel Disease and takes 4 daily medications and a weekly injection to control it. He’s an expert at taking medication. I had a 20 year old female Calico who passed away this February. Ever since then, Joe has paid extra attention to me and gives me so much comfort since the loss of my girl. He’s a sensitive boy, he knows when I need him.

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I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Mary-Scarlett Vernon, Joe’s cat mom, for allowing me to share his story and his images with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. If you know someone who would enjoy learning about him, don’t forget to share!

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All Images Courtesy of Mary-Scarlett Vernon

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