In The Debate Of Cats Versus Dogs, Data Shows Us Cats Rule The World

Since I can remember, there has always been this funny debate of cats versus dogs. Which, if you ask me, is pretty silly! Perhaps I am just speaking for myself, because I happen to have a dog in my life, too. But, obviously, cats hold the most special place in my heart—or you wouldn’t be reading this article right now!

But aside from this, it seems that there will always be a competitive rivalry set between our feline friends and their canine counterparts. Recently, Budget Direct Pet Insurance set out to put the age-old debate to rest. And it should come as no surprise that ultimately, cats take the cake. But, in defense of dogs, cats are easier pets to keep and require less maintenance.

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To gather their data, the team at Budget Direct analyzed Instagram posts using cat lover and dog lover hashtags to determine which pet comes out on top in each country.

And while cats seemed to take the cake as the pet of choice across the globe, it seems the United States would be labeled as a dog loving country. For a complete state-by-state breakdown, check out the image below:

When it comes to the data analysis of cats versus dogs as a whole, the key findings show us that:

  • Cats are the most popular choice in 91 countries, with dogs taking the lead in 76 countries
  • Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States are labeled as dog-people countries
  • The highest number of tagged photos for both dog people and cat people came from New York City, with 59.6% of those tagged photos dedicated to cats
  • London was a cat city, with Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast being dog-people capitals
  • And London was the major city with the most photographed pets of all 

Take a look below at the map which showcases the dog countries and cat countries:

Are you surprised by the date shown? I know that I am not! But, it makes me wonder, just how many more of us cat people are out there that aren’t sharing our cats with hashtags? I know that social media, particularly Instagram, is not for everyone. So, something tells me that there are a whole lot more cat people in countries all across the globe.

And if you’re curious as to what hashtags were searched for the study, those would be:

– #ilovecats

– #catloversclub

– #catlovers

– #ilovedogs

– #dogloversclub


Wondering what the top ten cat cities are in the United States? Well, those would be…

If you have a dog lover in your life, share this article with them to prove that cats are the true winners when it comes to the most purrfect choice for pets. Or just keep it to yourself—after all, we cat owners already know that cats already rule the world!

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