What You Need To Know When It Comes To Cat Pheromones

This concept of cat pheromones is relatively new for cat owners. But, it is a neat thing and can help anxious kitties relax. Does your cat have anxiety? If so, keep reading to find out more about these cat pheromones.

What are cat pheromones?

Cat pheromones are basically a biological chemical released by cats when they rub their faces on objects, which is why it is called the Feline Facial Pheromone. When a cat rubs their face on a toy, a new bed, or even you, they are recognizing that object as a safe place. These pheromones are happy vibes! So when you see your cat rub their face, it’s a good thing! That’s a happy kitty.

So if these pheromones are basically happy vibes for cats, what if it was possible to bottle them up and use them in stressful situations?

what are cat pheromones?

Feliway can be your solution

Luckily, it is possible! And it is called Feliway! This is a product that comes in a few different forms such as a spray, wipes, and a diffuser that can be plugged into the wall.

The Feliway site shares that:

From body language to vocalization, your cat uses lots of signs and signals to communicate. Though humans may not be able to detect them, cat pheromones are one of the most important methods!

This man-made cat pheromone in a bottle is great for cat owners that have that special kitty that gets nervous easily and they don’t want to have to use oral anxiolytics, or anti-anxiety medications.

Feliway is fantastic for travel if your cat has a hard time in the car. Use the spray on a towel or blanket inside their carrier to help calm them! It is also great to use before a visit to the vet clinic. In fact, many veterinary clinics will give out a towel sprayed with Feliway upon arrival to ease the nerves and make the cat’s visit a less stressful experience.

If your cat likes to scratch your furniture instead of their scratching post, use the Feliway Spray on the scratching post to encourage them to use the post to sharpen their claws instead of the brand new leather couch.

The spray is always a neat trick for cranky cats that don’t appreciate their nails being trimmed. If you do an at-home pedicure for your kitty, spray some Feliway on a towel or wherever your cat likes to sleep to help them stay in a good mood while their toenails are clipped.

what are cat pheromones?

Cats are creatures of habit. If their routine is disturbed by anything as small as a change of laundry detergent, it can throw their whole day out of whack.

What happens when the OCD feline’s routine is off? Unfortunately, the first thing is to urinate or defecate inappropriately… and usually, it is on the carpet. If urinary tract infection has been ruled out by the veterinarian, then the cat is probably extremely upset about their daily routine change.

This is where the plug-in diffusers of Feliway come in handy. Plug it into a room and happy vibes will be released for all to absorb. These can also be helpful when you’re expecting company to stay in the house that your shy cat isn’t used to or even welcoming a baby home.

Cat pheromones can help even the most nervous kitty relax without using medication. Have you ever used Feliway for your cat?


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