7 Cat Breeds With The Biggest (Cutest) Ears

We love our cats from their cute triangle noses to the tips of their fluffy tails. And while all cats are unique in their own way, there are a few breeds that stand out thanks to their physical appearance. Some cats are fluffy, some are hairless, some have green eyes, and then there are some cat breeds that have ears so big they look like they belong on some other animal. Their big ears are part of their breeds' standards, and we can't help but love them for it. These cat breeds with the biggest ears will make your day.


big ears Not only is the Sphynx the first and arguably most popular hairless cat, it also has some of the biggest ears in the cat world. Their appearance is often described as "bat-like," and that's mostly due to their large, naked ears. Their bare skin and big ears can sometimes make them look like they're cranky and about to scold you, but don't let their severe appearance fool you. These cats are incredibly affectionate, and they make great family members.


big ears Related to the Siamese, the Oriental Shorthair comes in hundreds of potential colors and patterns. This makes it impossible to identify these cats by their fur alone, but the size of the cat's ears can give you a hint of its true bloodline. Orientals have wedge-shaped heads that are topped with large, pointed ears. Their ears are large at the base and make perfect triangles that are impossible to miss. 

Cornish Rex

As a whole, the Cornish Rex is usually considered a small, almost dainty breed of cat. Their bodies are lithe and delicate, but just wait until your eyes make it up to their big ears. This fairly hypoallergenic cat has a pair of tall, high-set ears perched on their head. They're right above the cat's especially large eyes. Those big ears and eyes are in contrast to the rest of the cat's body, and they give this friendly feline a truly striking appearance. 


big ears The Abyssinian's most notable physical characteristic is their beautifully ticked fur. Each individual hair is banded with different colors, and you could stare at your cat for hours while still trying to decide what color they truly are. But pry your eyes away from their fur coat, and you can't miss this cat breed's big ears. Set slightly far apart on the edges of the cat's head, the Abyssinian's ears are always alert. They're part of what makes this cat breed look slightly exotic. 


The Chausie cat is beloved for its exotic appearance and truly athletic body. They're long and lean, and their impressive muscles are built to keep up with their high energy level. The earliest generations were crossed with wild cats, and that's where this cat breed gets its big ears. There are strong muscles in the ears, and the big cats swivel their pointed ears in every direction to stay attuned with the world around them.


big ears As another exotic looking cat breed, the Savannah cat also got its big ears from its distant wild ancestors. Those satellite ears are perfect for scanning the area and listening for prey. Most of today's Savannah cats are thoroughly domesticated, and they use their big ears to steal hearts and stalk the occasional house fly. 


The Balinese is closely related to the Siamese, and both breeds have big ears. Balinese cats are athletic and agile. They're chatty cats that love people, and they're not afraid to express their opinions. They can be assertive when looking for attention, but they're big softies at heart. These big-eared cats are also especially intelligent, and they can learn tricks and behaviors that always impress.

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